Happy Halloween!

And yeah, today it’s Halloween and witches, ghosts and others are in the streets! Enjoy yourself!

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No, Halloween isn’t satanic!

Yes, tomorrow is Halloween! You probably will disguise yourself as a witch, ghost, whatever! If you have kids, you will probably take them to do the “trick ot treat”. And you probably are already reading that “Halloween is satanic! Don’t observe it!” Christian fundie BS in your Facebook, Twitter or another social network.

Don’t waste your time with that posts. The reason is simple: Halloween has its origins in an Irish Celtic festival called Samhain and the Celts (Irish, Scottish, Welsh, Brythonic and Continental) didn’t have any Devil equivalent. OTOH, Halloween in our days is secular for almost all people.

More info on the history of Halloween here: https://www.livescience.com/40596-history-of-halloween.html

Autumn Equinox!

The autumn is there! The leaves are becoming red or reddish, there are new smells in the air, and today the day and the night have the same length! And I hope the days are becoming fresher one and forever (for the rest of this year)!

BTW: in order to have fresher days, please, help the Nature!

And OUT ASAP with those fascist bastards like Trump and Bolsonaro!

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Sermon: Dealing with the Abrahamic Pantheon

This is really interesting!

In The Desert Of Set

The following is an article I wrote a few years ago, and which I placed in my “To Be Fixed Up” pile while I was on hiatus in 2017. I’ve finally gotten around to making it presentable, so here it is—my personal opinions on certain figures from the Abrahamic pantheon.

Many Pagans simply dismiss Yahweh, Jesus, and other such figures as being “imaginary.” (Consider the time-honored disclaimer you will find in almost any Wiccan FAQ: “We don’t worship the devil, because we don’t believe in Satan.”) This position strikes me as being hypocritical, especially when it comes to Pagans who are polytheists. We have no more reason to doubt the existence of Yahweh or Jesus (or even Satan) than we do to doubt the existence of Set, Persephone, or Quetzalcoatl.

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