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I don’t want to enter the ocean in the order to simply have a bath… That time is GONE!!!!! But I like the post 🙂

Strip Me Back to the Bone


I don’t have the words to explain the longing that I feel when I’m faced with this particular view. I just want. To stay there, to sit and waste away to nothing in view of the glory of the sea, to be picked and dragged out and drowned, my body given to the creatures of beneath the waves and the sea birds, to be seized and rent asunder by the whales and sharks, to hit the waves and find a portal to place where I can remain there, always. I stand on the sand, with my feet bathed in biting, frigid water, and I forget everything. Nothing matters in view of this vastness, none of my petty, human concerns and attachments and worries and hopes and dreams . . .and I want to be swallowed hole, and digested, and forgotten as if I’d never been, my presence erased like…

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