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Isis & Sirius Rising

Here in the Northern Hemisphere, Sirius is quite low, so it isn’t visible at cities. But its connection to Orion is very interesting!


starsSirius Rising Calculator

Many of you have been searching for information on the Star of Isis and when it rises in your area. So today’s post is a repeat with information on both.

Depending on what latitude you’re at, Sirius could be rising anytime from July to August in the Northern Hemisphere. Here’s link to a calculator:

Go to the Client Area at and then, enter your email and the password softtests.

Isis & Her Star

If you have ever seen the star of Isis, Sirius, through a telescope, you will never forget it. She scintillates. She glows. She shoots off rays of blue, green, pink, and white. Yes, really. Sirius is the brightest star in the night sky, second in illumination only to the sun. No wonder we notice this brilliant and beautiful star. And from at least the time of the Pyramid Texts, if…

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Wild water

Another natural water “cultist” here!

Druid Life

I am deeply attracted to natural water. Given the slightest chance and I’ll get in it, even if just to paddle my toes. I’ve swum in the sea and in lakes. In recent weeks I’ve pottered in a stream, looking for archaeology, and swum in an outside pool. The last one was an interesting mix – the predictable man-made surfaces and absence of currents, coupled with the very real cold of swimming outside, and some totally unpredictable weather.

I can’t say it’s really a sensual attraction to water, because wild water in the UK is simply bloody cold and rare are the days hot enough for that to seem pleasant. Arguments may be made about whether I am just slightly masochistic, but for those of you beyond England’s murky shores, this is pretty much how you have to be round here if you want to do stuff outside more than…

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Nest building

And there’s not only in the UK…

Druid Life

One of the most loaded words I know, is ‘home’. It has a weight and significance to it that surpasses almost all others, for me. The role of the home in day to day functioning is critical. Our addresses are a key part of our legal identity, something I’m acutely aware of having spent a couple of years with mail c/o the Post Office. Home contributes to our social identity, roots us in a geography, connects us to ancestors of land. The space is expression of self, and the people we share it with are normally the people we are closest to.

To be absolutely certain about where home is, and what it constitutes, is to know where you fit and to feel centred. That’s not necessarily about owning a place, it can be more to do with relationship with a landscape, or connection to family. Home might be where…

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