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And there’s not only in the UK…

Druid Life

One of the most loaded words I know, is ‘home’. It has a weight and significance to it that surpasses almost all others, for me. The role of the home in day to day functioning is critical. Our addresses are a key part of our legal identity, something I’m acutely aware of having spent a couple of years with mail c/o the Post Office. Home contributes to our social identity, roots us in a geography, connects us to ancestors of land. The space is expression of self, and the people we share it with are normally the people we are closest to.

To be absolutely certain about where home is, and what it constitutes, is to know where you fit and to feel centred. That’s not necessarily about owning a place, it can be more to do with relationship with a landscape, or connection to family. Home might be where…

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