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Offerings for the Goddess Athena

Almost all Greek deities scare the you-know-what out of me, but Athena is an exception. I like Her.

And here are some offerings for Her (even though I don’t work with any deity, regardless of His/Her nationality…):

Offerings for the Goddess Athena.


Fragile things

Please, think about this! Humans aren’t stronger than the Nature. We are part of It!

Druid Life

Butterfly wings and spiderwebs. Cherry blossom. Snowflakes. Ecosystems. Nature is full of fragility, full of beautiful delicate improbabilities depending on improbable balances, strange niches, and more than a little luck. In anything else, fragility of being is often considered a source of beauty and of wonder.

When we think about humans, fragile goes with weak. Special snowflake. The sensitivity that is admired in a predator, or a photosensitive plant is a world away from the sensitivity so often derided in humans. For whatever reason, we have decided that strong is the quality to have in humans. Strong, powerful, ambitious, potent, rugged, tough, resilient. These are the qualities we praise. To say a child is delicate is to imply there’s something wrong with them. If an adult is fragile, they are sick. To be sensitive is not to live in the real world, allegedly. I’ve yet to locate this real world…

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I Have Not Expected Overtime or Been Nasty to People Working Service Gigs

I was always honest at work… 😉

Peaceful Awakenings: Reflections of Egypt

I have not done falsehood against men, I have not impoverished my associates, I have done no wrong in the Place Of Truth, I have not learnt about that which is not, I have done no evil, I have not daily made labor in excess of what was due to be done for me, my name has not reached the offices of those who control slaves, I have not deprived the orphan of his property, I have not done what the gods detest, I have not calumniated a servant to his master, I have not caused pain, I have not made hungry, I have not made to weep, I have not killed, I have not commanded to kill, ….

From the introduction to Spell 125, the Declaration of Innocence, from the version presented in Ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead, translated by Raymond O. Faulkner with an introduction by…

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