Spring Equinox!

Spring arrived today! Have a nice equinox!



Never say this 5 things to your children!

I have no kids of my own, but this is very interesting!

It is so easy to break your child. Now, I don’t mean physically. When Sydney was a baby, our pediatrician told us that babies are made of rubber, it is really hard to break them. (I won’t put that person’s name here because many of you might disagree and want to send hate mail). What […]

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Happy World Ocean Day!

Today is World Ocean Day!

It was in the oceanic deeps that the first life forms developed about 3,5 billion years ago. So, all the living beings at this planet have oceanic ancestors (humans included!)!

Never forget about it and help the oceans’ health everyday!

Is It Defeat to Choose a Lesser Evil?

Social justice, anyone?

Mystical Bewilderment

Two weeks back, a fellow Kemetic asked if I could do them a solid by reading through and editing an article about ma’at that they were working on. With memories of writing reports for cash in my head, I’ve been helping them with the post in question and have been particularly pleased with the content as I’ve been editing the essay for them. It’s a good post. It will definitely be thought provoking.

Connected to this article is the new round of growing pains the Kemetic community on Tumblr has been going through. I won’t give all the back and forth about what went down to cause this most recent round of discussions (if you’re on Tumblr you have most likely seen some of it or all of it anyway), but it’s been an interesting conversation as well as frustrating in every capacity.

Make Better Choices.. All humans are like God by…

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Why I refuse to “let it go”

Not American here (I’m at the other side of the Atlantic hehe), but the first thing I thought when I saw that disaster on TV was “No!” That mysogynist racist nazi asshole called Trump won??? 😮 I still can’t accept that!

Grab Them Back

It has now been six days since our country fundamentally changed. Whether you consider the change to be good or bad is, of course, a matter of opinion, although if you are here reading this I imagine you were among the millions of Americans who woke up on Wednesday, November 9 in a state of shock. I myself spent the whole day feeling like I was wandering numbly through a dense fog (my hangover was only maybe 25% to blame for this).

The fog has slowly begun to clear, but I still find myself trying to process not only the results, but the onslaught of opinion pieces, demographic analyses, thinkpieces, and news stories that have followed. I have no one to blame but myself for the information overload – when something monumental happens in my world, my coping mechanism is to drown myself in information. It gives me a small sense…

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