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Reconsidering the Witch’s Uniform

It’s good that I never wear pointy hats… neither at Halloween!

The Twisted Rope

Alternate Title: Why cliched pointy hats and crooked noses have to go.

I would like to extend a special thank you to GLE and Warboar for educating me about this and providing resources to make this post possible.

Its normal for marginalized groups to try and reclaim things that have been used against them. You see this in countless cultures and subcultures such as the LGBTQ+ community reclaiming the word “queer” or pink triangles as a sign of pride, or using the term “tree hugger” by environmentalists, or the use of the word “bitch” by some women. This is not a new phenomenon by any means. It is something that is called reappropriation, and according to wikipedia it is:

the cultural process by which a group reclaims—re-appropriates—terms or artifacts that were previously used in a way disparaging of that group

And I think that this reappropriation has occurred within the…

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A Despair of Abyssal Proportions

Two days ago, I went to the beach. The waves were really wild, but I felt a connection to the sea, so strong that now I think that some sea deity owns me (I only learned to swim when I was 11, but I’ve never passed without the sea when I was to beach since I was a little girl).

But I can’t get my first job, so I can’t earn money! And I MUST come back and enter into the sea (or, at least, learn to play with the waves), because I’m not happy in land.

When I was at the beach, I felt I had a shield against the anxiety and the depression. But at home, I became extremely anxious again! Now I’m despaired, even though I don’t say anything.